Radio Production 101 Programme


Who should attend?


Our Radio Production 101 Short Learning Programme is a rewarding, skills based Short Learning Programme which will help you understand the radio industry and teach you how to create compelling and entertaining audio that truly connects with an audience.

The aim of this Short Learning Programme is to develop your practical skills and in turn giving you a solid grounding in professional practice in the radio and media industries.

Theory and practice are integrated so that you gain a thorough understanding of all the processes through which radio programmes and other media products are created. You will understand the link between client, sales and programming/production, with special focus on the actual technical side of recording an advert/promo.

Valuable knowledge on voice-over/microphone techniques and the directing of the actual voice over artist will also be gained. Exciting practical projects will give you a strong understanding of all the roles within a professional production unit.

NB: Classes will take place at HC College and Magnetik Studios. Magnetik Studios is the state-of-the art recording facility, situated in the Blaauwberg area

Career Opportunties

The Short Learning Programme is ideal for aspiring voice-over artist or interested in the recording/production side of the radio/media industry.

Endorsed and trained by Industry Specialists

The Short Learning Programme will be taught by radio/music production specialist, Nicos Vouris who previously served as Station Producer of commercial radio station, Good Hope FM (SABC). Over the past 17 years, Nicos has also worked across the 3 other commercial radio stations in the Cape such as, 567 Cape Talk, KFM 94.5, and Heart 104.9 (Head of Production).

The voice-over module is taught by nationally acclaimed voice over artist & CEO, Craig Ross from SAVOA (South African Voice Over Academy). Craig brings over 10 years’ worth of experience within the broadcasting/voice-over arena, and will impart his knowledge as well as valuable techniques he has discovered over the years. Each student will also receive Craig’s highly acclaimed E-book on voice-over artistry, FREE of charge!

Entrance Requirements

Candidates must be 16 years of age and older


10 half Days (35 Hours)


Learners are required to submit a final compilation of demo recording (2 hours) and complete a written statement.


Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a HC College Certificate of Completion.


Programme Outline

  • Basic principles of Sound (College)
  • Sound waves; Measurement of sound (amplitude and frequency); How radio works (antennae and transmitters); Analogue and Digital Radio

  • Radio Stations (College)
  • Type of radio stations; Structure of a radio station; Radio formats; Sound of Station (Imaging)

  • Voice-Over (College & in-studio)
  • Introduction to voice-over; What it takes to be a voice-over artist; Journey of an advert; Discover your USP – Unique Selling point; Script analysis: Melody, breathing markers, emotion; Voice over dynamics: Tone, Pitch, Rhythm, Volume; Intricacies of inflection; Microphone techniques (In-Studio); Creating the perfect demo (In-Studio)

  • Production (In-studio)
  • Hardware & Software (DAW); Recording & Editing; Vocal processing; Use of mood music & SFX; Final Mixing & Mastering for Radio

  • Practical (In-studio)
  • • Voice, record and package your own 30’ sec radio advert. (Voice, music & SFX)

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