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HC College is a tertiary educational institute providing quality education by means of classroom based lectures and Supported Learning (correspondence). The College was formed by an Entrepreneur who identified the potential within the education environment, but realised the importance of differentiating the company from its competitors. The decision was made that the main differentiating feature will be to provide students with incredible service delivery without compromising academic integrity.

With over 60 years of collective experience in education, the Management Team of HC College are fully equipped to assist all students to reach their full potential. We are passionate about providing quality education and have therefore partnered with recognised and accredited Professional Bodies and Institutes. As we believe in the upliftment of our community, we have an active social responsibility programme, and are constantly investigating community development opportunities.

Our Vision

The Vision of HC College is to become the leading private tertiary education provider on the West Coast of Cape Town by providing quality education and service delivery to our customers. In line with this vision, our priorities are to:

  • Continue to build a quality and reputable brand
  • Promote a culture of learning that facilitates critical and innovative thinking
  • Be a preferred private tertiary education provider in business and commerce
  • Promote community skills development
  • Demonstrate integrity in everything we do
  • Celebrate innovation and cherish performance
  • Perform with professionalism, skill, and care
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations every day
  • Our Mission

    The Mission of HC College is to ignite the potential of all students to become leading professionals in their chosen fields while nurturing a culture of lifelong learning by:

  • Providing high quality practical and theoretical education
  • Nurturing individual talent, creativity and excellence
  • Developing technical expertise to a professional level
  • Employing, supporting and developing, skilled and dedicated staff
  • Our Values

    One of the most defining characteristics of an organisation is their values. Our values at HC College are focused on four key areas:

  • Passion, dedication and commitment
  • We are passionate about education and are committed to helping our students achieve their goals. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible training and finding new innovative and creative ways to improve our offerings, whilst constantly striving to break new ground.

  • Accountability
  • We are prepared to take responsibility for our work, make commitments, find solutions and be held accountable for delivery and results.

  • Integrity
  • We are honest, trustworthy, consistent and open, always acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

  • Respect
  • We actively listen to others, respond appropriately to what they have to say, work effectively with diverse people, and be willing to learn from others. The education environment in South Africa, although recently in a state of flux, can still be described as highly regulated. Our approach is one of focused compliance and student satisfaction. The registration of the institution and the accreditation of all Full Time, Part Time and Supported Learning Programmes is paramount and serves as tangible evidence of external quality assurance, thus adding to the credibility of our products.

    Our Leadership

    The HC College Management Team has been chosen for their passion and unique area of specialisation within the education environment. The Management Team is committed to ensuring that the core functions of teaching and learning are prioritised and strategic goals adhered to. All decisions are made to achieve the mission and vision of HC College, to ensure that the core functions of teaching and learning are of the highest standard and that the needs of the diverse market of students are adequately met.

    Our Team

    Our valuable Support Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Students' success.

    Management and Finance

    Heidie Chaplin

    Heidie Chaplin

    Chief Executive Officer

    Over 15 years' experience in the education environment with extensive managerial skills and an in-depth understanding of quality assurance across departments. Key areas include customer service policies and procedures, client retention/satisfaction, regulatory compliance and performance management systems.

    Dr. Neetha Nirhoo

    Dr. Neetha Nirhoo


    Dr. Neetha Nirhoo has been involved in Education for the past 25 years working for various educational institutes. She currently holds a Masters in Education (University of Durban Westville) and holds a Doctorate in Education Management. Neetha will be focusing on academic compliance and academic excellence.

    Bea Smit

    Bea Smit


    Not your average “bean counter'. Fun loving with a good sense of humour whilst having a serious side dedicated to accuracy and perfection. With 30 years’ experience in the world of accounting covering multi-company accounting, personnel and salary administration, staff training with vast experience in Computerised Bookkeeping.

    Operations and Marketing

    Katherine Braaf

    Katherine Braaf

    Administration Assistant

    Katherine is a vibrant, friendly and well-spoken lady who is the first person you'll meet when visiting the HC College Faculty Reception area. She is pinnacle in providing support and excellent service to our students.

    Wendy Nomfuyo Piyana

    Wendy Nomfuyo Piyana

    General Assistant

    Wendy is a very important part of the team. She is responsible for ensuring that the HC College campus is a place that students and staff are proud of. Wendy not only maintains the campus but is also responsible for ensuring our events runs smoothly.



    by Chaplin PR

    Chaplin PR is a specialist communications and marketing consultancy based in Cape Town comprising of skilled and dedicated PR/marketing professionals who are familiar with various industries and different facets of advertising, direct and social media marketing, web management and internal/external communications.

    Our Facilities

    Our campus features spacious classrooms in a warm and inviting environment. Each classroom is equipped with a projector making lectures more interactive and informative and our state of the art computer lab is equipped with the latest technology ensuring students have the best learning environment. Students making use of our campus have access to free WIFI and coffee in our recreation area as well as access to a fully equipped coffee shop on the ground floor.

    HC College campus
    HC College campus
    HC College campus
    HC College campus
    HC College campus
    HC College campus
    HC College campus
    HC College campus

    HC College is situated at 60 Blaauwberg Road, Table View, in the heart of picturesque Blouberg within 500 metres of Blouberg Beach and 200 metres from Bayside Shopping Mall. The campus is easily accessible by public transport and is within walking distance from major bus routes. Our campus features spacious classrooms in a warm and inviting environment.


    What is accreditation?

    SAQA defines accreditation as: “The certification usually for a particular period of time, of a person, a body or an institution as having the capacity to fulfil a particular function in the quality assurance system set up by the South African Qualifications Authority.”

    Accreditation is awarded to providers who offer outcomes-based learning programmes aligned to the NQF registered unit standards and qualifications. It is given to a provider, usually for a period of three years. Accreditation must also be seen as an audit process of the provider’s quality system and the learning programme which will be offered. It ensures that learning and assessments result in nationally recognised credits, and ultimately in the achievement of a formal qualification.

    HC College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private College (Registration Number: 2018/FE07/049), as a DHET Examination Centre (Number: 0199992104) and is accredited as a Skills Development Provider through the QCTO (Accreditation no: QCTO Nated/15/0165).

    What SETA stands for?

    SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority. It refers to the authoritative educational bodies established under the South African Skills Development Act (97 of 1998). At the moment, there are over 20 different SETAs in South Africa. Each established SETA acts as a training and education quality assurance body in its respective sector, which means that they are highly respected in their specific areas. There are SETAs that deal with tourism; banking; manufacturing; agriculture and more.

    What are SETA-accredited courses?

    SETAs act as Educational Training and Quality Assurance Bodies (ETQAs) in South Africa. A college that is accredited by an ETQA can offer nationally recognised training. A SETA can thus provide a college with this type of accreditation. SETA accreditation means that a college (or other type of educational institute) can offer SETA-accredited courses. Because SETAs are sector based, they only accredit courses related to their fields. The ‘stamp of approval’ that a SETA gives indicates that the courses in question are valuable, outcomes-based training programmes, and that they are relevant to the work involved in a specific industry.

    Where can I take a SETA-accredited course?

    You can study a number of SETA-accredited courses at HC College by means of classroom based lectures or Supported Learning (correspondence).
    These courses are accredited by a number of different SETAs, offering training in a variety of professions. Take a look at the courses we have to offer (click on any course name if you want more information about that specific programme).

    What is the difference between a Qualification and a Learning Programme?

    Qualifications and Unit Standards, governed by the NSB regulations and developed by expert stakeholder groupings, prescribe the outcomes, assessment criteria and other relevant detail for learner achievement. These guide the educator/assessor with regard to what the learner needs to know, do and apply. A learning programme consists of learning and assessment activities derived from the outcomes that make up the Qualification.


    Business | Finance | Tourism | Hospitality | Educare

    HC College is affiliated to numerous leading institutions in Business, Finance, Tourism, Hospitality and Educare. These professional bodies safeguard the interests of industry professionals.

    There is normally a professional body for every field of interest. International bodies also exist to watch over international qualifications.

    Within South Africa we also have quality assurance agencies who watch over and ensure the validity of national qualification like FASSET SETA for finance and accounting studies, and the QCTO for Nated Programmes (N4 –N6).

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    HC College is always striving to help those less fortunate to further their education

    HC College CSR Programme | Home of Hope

    Home of Hope Logo
    home of hope HC College picture
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    home of hope HC College picture 3
    home of hope HC College picture 4

    In memory of Lorraine Chaplin, whose lifelong commitment has been to helping those less fortunate children with special needs, on the 4th of April, HC College donated 35 pairs of new tekkies/sneakers to the Home of Hope, in Tableview, for the foster children with special needs in their care. It was a very special day yesterday for the HC College staff members Dale Chaplin and Nuria Shaik, together with Student interns Kirsty Chaplin and Jade Simoen (Chaplin), to be involved in this special HC College Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. Home of Hope is an organisation that takes care of children in a single residence foster home, provides education to children with special needs and helps them to become productive and responsible members of the community. Visit their website www.homeofhope.co.za or contact Serén Inns from Home of Hope on 021 556 3573 to see how one can get more involved.

    Working with the South African Association of Women Graduates

    ( SAAWG)
    South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates South African Association of Women Graduates

    HC College's Academic Manager, Dr. Neetha Nirhoo, presented a Time Management Workshop to Matriculants on Saturday the 5th of September at Bloekombos Secondary School in Kraaifontein. Dale Chaplin (ChaplinPR) gave a motivational speech on how the students can ingite their potential. The event was hosted by the South African Association of Woman Graduates.

    Meet our Partners

    • AppETD
    • Cape Chamber of commerce
    • ICB
    • Mictseta
    • FASSET
    • QCTO