Supported Learning

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Supported Learning

What is Supported Learning

studying student

Supported Learning allows you to study in your own time and place. This means that, to a large extent, you are independent and you have to take control of your studies.

HC College’s Supported Learning (correspondence) studies are for you if you have a full time job and can’t take off time to attend full times or part time classes or maybe you travel a lot. With our Supported Learning courses we will send you your study material according to the HC College academic calendar. What this means is that we send you study material as you complete a subject, by doing it this way you can be assured that you always have up-to-date learning material that is always relevant. We offer you dedicated support, a fee that includes all your study material and in some instances you exam and membership fee to the applicable institute (this may vary as it is course dependant) and the best service ever.

On top of all this we have a wide range of part time courses to choose from, these span from our national qualifications in business, finance, tourism, hospitaliy and educare.

How does this work?

You have to plan your personal life to allow for study time and, if you are a working student, you need to discuss the additional responsibilities of studying with your employer. Most importantly, you have to make use of the study materials and other resources by following all instructions and completing all activities.

Personal circumstances

Studying in your own time and place (independently) means that you will be in your own environment most of the time. You may be a working mother or father, or you may have other family members that demand some of your time. Participating in sports may be important to you and you may like to spend time with your friends as well. A demanding hobby that you are passionate about may also require a lot of your time. You need to plan your time carefully; otherwise you will not be able to study regularly and be successful. Supported Learning allows you to continue your life, but it does involve some sacrifices. You will have to discuss your studies with family and friends in order to ensure that they respect your aspirations and allow you the time you need for studying.

Work and study

A substantial number of students who make use of Supported Learning are also employed. In fact, that is one of the biggest advantages of Supported Learning, you can work and study. But once again, it does take careful planning because when you arrive home after a hard day’s work you still have to make time to study.

Planning your studies

Effective time management can provide the means you need to succeed as a distance education student. If you pace yourself, study regularly and complete assignments in a timely manner, you will find it easier to stay on track and complete your course on time. Being a responsible student is necessary for any type of education; however, in distance education, it is a vital component of success.

It will be important to discuss with all parties involved, especially your family, where and when you want to study. There will have to be quiet time for you to study in a place that is conducive to learning. It is also important to remember that although you need to set aside lots of time to engage in education from a distance, you still need to make sure that you have a balanced life. So you will have to spend time with family and friends, do sports and engage in the things that you are passionate about.

Supported Learning

What are the advantages of Supported Learning?

  • Students are able to study from home, they won’t need to travel to classes or relocate in order to be closer to campus.
  • It increases access to education.
  • People can work and study at the same time, it isn’t necessary for Supported Learning students to give up their full-time jobs.
  • Students can generally det ermine at which pace they will complete their studies.
  • Students have more choice and aren’t limited to courses offered by institutions within travelling distance.
  • The distractions and temptations of campus life are absent.
  • Supported Learning is often more affordable, because travelling costs aren’t applicable.
  • Students can study from anywhere in the Western Cape.
  • How does Supported Learning work at HC College?

    At HC College, we do our best to simplify the Supported Learning process. Our students are very important to us, and we want them to be happy and successful.


    You can register by contacting us on 021 556 8464 and we will then email the registration form to you. You would need to send us the following:
  • Certified copy of your ID/Passport
  • Certified copy of your highest academic qualification
  • Certified copy of the payers ID (in the case of terms payments)
  • Copy of the payers pay slip or 3 months bank statements (in the case of terms payments)
  • Completed Registration/Enrolment Form
  • Course material

    Your course material will be delivered to you via courier or you can come and collect at HC College’s Blouberg Campus. All of your course material is included in your course fee, which means that you don’t have to spend extra money on textbooks. Exam fees for Nated Qualifications are also included for your convenience. Our Course Fee includes study material and examination fees.

    Study at your own pace

    Once you have received your course material, you can start working through it at your own pace. As you complete your assessments, you can send them back to us, we will mark them and return them to you with meaningful feedback. You also have access to a certain amount of tutorial support, so if there is someone that you don’t understand or are not sure of then you can call in to speak to one of our experienced lecturers. HC College is a registered exam centre for the courses offered in Business and Finance studies, Tourism and Hospitality studies and the majority of the courses offered in Computer studies. To register for a Supported Learning course you would need to download and complete our enrolment contract below. It is important that you complete the enrolment contract in full and attach certified copies of your ID, highest qualifications and any other relevant academic information related to your field of study. Completed enrolment contracts can be scanned and emailed to

    Alternatively you can also apply using our online Supported Learning application form.